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NGT6 1315


Afternoon all!


Just two quick shots I took on Sunday morning while getting some breaths of fresh air, for which purpose I had driven down to Saarlouis Central Station :) ...






First off, 143 129 was working the RE 12008 service from Koblenz Central Station to Saarbrücken Central Station, consisting of three Dostos. Few passengers were around at this time of day, and also in light of it being Easter. These services work along the Mosel, with one of the stops being Trier.





Half an hour later, there was 425 130, working the RB 33725 service from Trier to Homburg on Saar. These are the principal regional EMUs in this region, along with the 426s, which resemble two 425 cab segments slapped together.


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Thanks for those shots - it's great to be able to see images of railway activity in other countries! :)

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