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News from the Wagon Works: Shochood and Monobloc



A long time ago (over a year in fact) I reported progress on a - mostly - scratchbuilt Shochood B which stalled pending thonghts on how to tackle the hood. In the end, I took a look at what the military modellers do - since tarpaulins turn up on softskins all the time - and used Miliput for the ends and tissue over a former for the remainder. The tarp's on these vehicles were tailored to fit neatly over the top and were always with the wagon which carried branding to that effect so using tissue for the whole thing, while possible, is somethign I could make work. Still not 100% happy with it but here it is, painted and partly lettered. I'll have to see what dad's old Woodhead sheets have on them to finish the job: the HMRS sheets I have being utterly useless in this regard being without even a suitable selection of tare weights.






Another ongoing project is this Bachmann monobloc tanker liveried for ESSO and rented from BRT. As you can see, there's been a fair amount of work put into the underframe detail based on this photo from Paul Bartlett from the same batch built by Pickering of Wishaw. The Bachmann brake levers are fairly awful and were replaced with bits adapted from a Dave Bradwell etch intended for plate wagons with other brake detail from scrap etch, nickel wire and ABS brakeshoes.






All this is now hidden under a coat of Humbrol matt Chocolate as a basis for weathering. The tank needs dressing with S Kits ladders and catwalks (hopefully to be had at Expo EM at the weekend) and maybe, just maybe, I can get it finished, or at least heading in that direction, by the end of the month...







Source: News from the Wagon Works

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Good stuff, I love what you've done with the tanker. I've resisted the urge to add much in the way of detail to the ones that I'm working on. The S Kits detail pack does make a vast improvement, I've done 4 Esso style ones now, and will be doing the Shell/BP style shortly.


I'll be keeping any eye out for your progress 8)

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Thanks chaps - since the Bachmann catwalks were the wrong pattern (for this particular wagon, it seems that BRT did lease other wagons with the other type of catwalk to ESSO as well - must remind dad to get rid of the TOPS number on his...) - they had to go. The brakegear variations on these things are mind boggling...



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