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  1. Passing Garsdale by JamesWells, on Flickr
  2. 1Q13 passing through Gilberdyke by JamesWells, on Flickr 37259 working 1Q14 at Broomfleet by JamesWells, on Flickr
  3. Could simply be that it's be altered to suit its original owner; I've had jacket sleeves shortened by an inch or so so it doesn't have the "you'll grow into it" look!
  4. Should have posted these before - 60007 passing Gilberdyke with 6J94 by JamesWells, on Flickr And a second or so later! ######... by JamesWells, on Flickr And from a little while ago - 60040 passing Gilberdyke with 0Z68 by JamesWells, on Flickr
  5. At Grosmont over the weekend -
  6. Freightliner 66553 at Hedon Road by JamesWells, on Flickr
  7. From a couple of years ago - Planet at Pickering by JamesWells, on Flickr
  8. I agree - there's a reason why I love this plan of Iain Rice's; http://eastmoor.blogspot.co.uk/2009/11/best-laid-plans.html
  9. I'm liking this! Great to see a substantial industrial layout!
  10. Maybe Open minded I suppose - without wishing to take over Paul's thread or open a can of worms it seems like the choice of EM and P4; pluses and minuses for both. We'll see
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