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Testing Trees



Hi All!


Back to experimenting with scenic techniques ready for when the time comes to start this stage on Ropley.


A little while ago somebody posted a link to a thread on a different forum showing some of the most impressive tree construction I've ever seen. Following the methods used in that thread I've spent the morning constructing a test tree, and here are the results:






The basic tree was used by twisting gardeners wire around a central wire 'trunk'. After about 4-5 twists, a loop was left which was then used to create the branches. The thread on the other forum has photos showing the technique much better than I can so here's the link for those interested:




For the foliage I used the same wire wool & Noch leaves used for the undergrowth on the embankment shown earlier in the blog which works well.


I'm quite pleased with the results but my method needs a little refinement to match the trees shown in the link!


The tree shown here is about 5.5 inches tall.





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Looking very good there Tom...


matching the colour of the leaves to the colour of the foliage on the ground 'brings the whole thing together' nicely too.

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Cheers for the link Tom. It took me an hour and a half to read through the 20 pages, time that I was going to spend drilling headstocks and fitting couplings to Mathieson wagons. Very informative and some hugely inspirational pictures.

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