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Sylvian Tennant


Well, I'm going to test out my Ivatt tonight before painting those bits and pieces. I really need some HMRS tranfers to get her initally completed so I can start weatherting!


Anyway whilst you wait for the finish line. Here are some updates.


Firstly. I have been asked to weather a tatty old (and rechassised) 66xx for a friend of mine. In the end I figured a total repaint was necessary. I think I was justified. Now to touch up the paint work get those numbers painted (and a new sets of totems) and crack on with the weathering. (he wants something that's worked hard)










Unfortunatly, I have very little experience working with metal and maybe I should have used paint stripper instead of wet/dry paper as I've removed some of the rivet marks (I'm hoping he's still my friend afterwards). The finish product will be up in my commissions section.


There was a few trials and tribulations with this model.


Next up, I've finally painted up my updated bolsters.




You can still see the joint line with the bolster superstructures so I may have to sand them down a bit and re-paint them. It's not an exact match but close enough (Games Workshop Fortress Grey & Catachan Green). The brake gear was also painted (Tamiya NATO Black)


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