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Scammell Tri-van

Chris Nevard



nevard_110909_scammell_IMG_1178_WEB, a photo by nevardmedia on Flickr.

Few of us need an excuse to pick up yet another diecast road vehicle for the price of a pint (though this one is the price of 2 pints because it's made of more bits!).


So here we have a Scammell 'Mechanical Horse' aka 'Tri-van' (Oxford Diecast 76MH006 British Rail) sat posing in the cobbled yard at Brewhouse Quay. This one has been de-railwayised with the removal of 'British Railways' and toned down with Testors Dullcote matt varnish. It has also been re-glazed due to difficulty of removing the cast glazing supplied. Usually drilling out the rivet that holds it in place will do the trick, but the clear plastic moulding was rather stubborn. I needed to remove it to avoid having to mask the windows before spraying with Testors Dullcote. In the event I ended up having to break it up, but replacement was simple with a little clear plastic sheet and some Microscale Kristal Klear for the quarter lights. I decided to leave the side windows unglazed because it is always a sunny, hazy, hot day in Brewhouse Quay Land!


I hope you'll agree it makes a nice quick and easy embellishment to the brewery yard. The wooden ale casks from Cornwall Model Boats are not fixed for this shot, but I might fix them in place with a little water-based PVA to allow removal should it be desired.

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Nice one, Chris. I recently did a couple of vehicles using the Testors treatment, but I was lazy and used Maskol to cover the glazing, rather than take it out...

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That really does look "dull", in the nicest possible meaning...


Im even lazier, I use T-Cut to bring the glazing back to sort of shiny

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CK - yours would be the chosen option, but we have no model shops that sell anything other than Hornby trainsets sadly....

Mickey - that's a great technique. It can even be applied to the rather matt finished Bachmann Mk1 carriages with good effect. Which reminds me that next time I get to a show to get some fibre pen refills!

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