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90 down 20 to go....



With the completion of West Country 34031 Torrington, I have 20 WC/BoB's left to do. It's hard to believe that it's not quite 3 years since I started down this slippery slope!!!! My main problem now is decent reasonably priced donors as they are few and far between, I'll get there somehow!!


I plan to revisit two I did in the early days this year, that were modelled using the wrong cab width loco (I didn't know better at the time), these are 34072 257 Squadron and 34110 66 Squadron - donors permitting.


Current state of play on my workbench:


6870 Bodicote Grange - completed, just need to take some better photos when the weather is better.

(Edit 6/1/12 new photos taken :) )




Q1 33035 - needs coaling and final detailing.


34057 Biggin Hill - in the paint-shop.


6800 Arlington Grange - everything's ready to go, just not started.


And finally there's something streamlined yet to be started ;)


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And finally there's something streamlined yet to be started ;)


Do you really mean 'streamlined' or could it be "air-smoothed"?

I look forward to seeing all your Spams once completed; go for it lad.

P @ 36E

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