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  1. Nah, not if you keep to the funny side of things. How about all the Clans having to be shedded very carefully Geographically for example?
  2. 'Todays Monsters'; only in some peoples opinions. Others have differing opinions. Has thus been and probably always shall be. Phil
  3. Actually I hadn't really tested my 'added Lead' Engine for ooomph and I can't remember what it became after renumbering and all that Tender faffing, that is a nightmare, now! I'm lucky as almost all my Bulleids have loads of hauling power and the layout (Seaton Junction) is long enough with decent radius curves off stage. Longest Trains are ACEs (sometimes 14 on the Up) and the Brighton Plymouth; 9/10 Mk ones as you know. Have you by any chance built a PDK 5500 Tender Kit? I've got one but no Instructions. Not the end of the World but would be handy to know any tips, if you have and have the time to share? Also, have you built the Self Weighing one? I've part built one and its a good Kit. Nowhere near finished but looks good behind a MN. ATB Phil
  4. I've done a few of those non DCC Ready and added Lead (Roof Flashing) Strips to the Can sides as there is loads of room, even after Decoder Fitted. I found some really simple Sockets and the Decoders to go with them. I can find the name of the Kit for you if I go up in the Loft. Only basic and inexpensive (4 Functions I think?) of course, but the socket is dead easy to wire up. You may well have already done it before and have your own choice of Kit. Those Scrolls are teeny and so easily lost! Good luck with the Cabsides but I find Fox to be excellent to apply. All the b est Phil
  5. Did you sort this? The choice of colour may be because the alternative Plates could be for Modifieds? I've forgotten how it went but B of B were Blue. I never remember seeing an 'original' W.C. with Black Plates. Sorry this is a late response. Phil
  6. I'll have those Kevin if they are still going. 17.53 Wednesday 17th.
  7. Blimey Steve. That was a quick job. Looks damn good to me and I'm wearing my top notch Specs. Phil
  8. Kit building Wagons and Vans is very good Therapy I find. Especially when you add some more robust parts and decent Buffers. Good job Steve. Phik P
  9. Have a good day Gilbert. Pssst, it's the Bus UNDER the Bridge you need to be wary of. Speak soon. Mad Duck.
  10. Donny Free Pres (FB Posts) has had it too, so its one of those 'Newsworld type stories. Most of the usual suspects and just locals, who are ignorant of anything beyond their Phones, on there are going on about how's an LNER (meaning the actual Newish Company on the ECML) 'Wagon' been buried in wherever? Oh dear! They really are beyond belief, as they are on something on there about Climate Modification; not for here. You can probably imagine what's on that thread, but even I in my usual mood just couldn't handle the utter b0ll0x being posted on there. I had to dump it before I passed out from disbelief at what these people actually think and believe. In reality a LNER Container in a Wagon, across the Channel, wouldn't have been that unusual back then surely? No idea what sort of Goods were being sent/received in those days. Thank Goodness RMW usually is never that bad...or maybe I've missed something? Phil
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