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Ian Holmes


Yesterday my plan was to take a stroll alongside the tracks in Plymouth to see what I can see of the rear of Deltak. As I left work and walked across Xenium Lane I could see a large load had just left the Deltak yard. I set off in hot pursuit . A pursuit that I lost and had to settle with grabbing a few shots with the zoom lens set at its 255mm maximum



A short train only a Geep, a tank car which is probably a barrier car and the load itself, which might be a large radiator.

With that disappearing under the Hwy 55 bridge I turned my attention to the Deltak yard


Here's a view of the East face of the building and you should be able to make out a couple of large loads in the yard.

The dead trees around the yard did make it very difficult to take shots and shooting into the sun didn't help. But here goes:



Some kind of long girder set up on a 12 axled flat car which will likely be of interest



This last couple of shots shows some kind of oversized storage vessel. I'll be keeping an eye out to see when these loads depart to see if I can get more pictures. If the snow doesn't come first that is...

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