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More on 'The Great Lift'



Apart from two pieces on 15 refuges (waiting for timber delivery) the refuges are now all done. Here are all 72 of them lined up, with the incomplete ones at the back. They still need trimming and fitting in places.




With each refuge having 19 pieces, when the last 15 are done there will be 1368 pieces in the photo above!


Balustrades are also all done, and here they all are, 70 'standard' ones and 8 'specials' which are a bit longer for the runs between the pavilions and the inner pavilion and first refuge. The standard balustrades have 7 pieces each, while 6 of the specials have 9 pieces and two of them have 11 (due to cutting/shutting standard pieces). So in total there are 566 pieces in the balustrades.






I'm then going to sort all the refuges and balustrades out into A-team and B-team (hope there's enough A-team!) and start to match them up so I get the trimming and fitting as bespoke as possible - so when we come to fix them to the decks they will actually be numbered! Balustrades will go on first, and I will use 7mm strip to use as a solid guide by Copydexing them lined up along the edges of the deck - saves faffing with pencil lines. I'll have to dream up and make some kind of jig so that they are 'centred' in relation to the refuge positions.


The pavilion roofs have also been lifted by 2mm. This first meant cutting the existing roof off at the top of the columns. The extra 2mm is provided by Evergreen 2mm square section, cut to length on the NWSL Chopper (would never have been able to do all this without one!).






Here the longer edges have been glued on, and after that with all four sides.






Here is the first pavilion with its new roof. There is also a 2mm slab at the base to show what it will look like finally, but the actual bases will be limewood again (delivery coming from Cornwall Model Boats).




And here is all seven of them done so far (John has the eighth with him at the moment), and with a length of balustrade to show the preserved height relationship.





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And there's me thinking that detailing Heljan buffer beams with their own plastic brake pipes was the highest form of torture!


I take my woolly hat off to you, Rod!

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Thanks Tim - working on repetitive tasks with limewood/basswood can actually be very calming in a Zen kind of way! (just as well).


I've also spotted another flaw in the pavilion design which I'm not going to elaborate on, and there's nothing can be done about it now anyway.

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Superb. I was wondering how you were getting on as the full scale versions of these elements flew passed the window on Saturday. This is going to be a truly magnificent work. And to think that it's only part of the overall layout... stunning!

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