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Here we go.....

Peter Kazmierczak


I'm afraid I've not got to grips with the new form of rmweb yet. For me it's like going into the local supermarket and finding most of the shelves have been rearranged; very disconcerting. So much so that I sent an email to Andy last night asking how to unsubscribe from all this hassle. His diplomatic reply made me wonder if I can use the changes on rmweb to my advantage.


So rather than grumble about things as I so often do, I thought I'd be constructive and actually get some modelling done.


I've built a few layouts in my time, beginning with a circle of O-gauge tinplate on the back lawn, through Tri-ang Series 3 track on a sheet of hardboard in my bedroom, to Peco Streamline round the walls of a room running into an eight-platform terminus. But I've never totally finished a layout to my liking. The two layouts that reached some form of completion were an 009 model located in the Mendip Hills of Somerset and a small diesel servicing shed set in the hydraulic era in South Devon.


Through the medium of this blog, I hope to describe the construction of another layout. The primary aim of this is to encourage me to get something built. That sounds very selfish I know, but I need something that'll focus me to get some modelling done, otherwise I'll just drift and nothing will get built.


I feel that effective layouts have a sense of "place". Modelling standards nowadays are generally much higher than even a decade ago, but it's not the quality of modelling per se, but the whole "oneness" of the model which makes it work. A model is a simplified structure of reality, as someone once said. It's a combination of a good standard of modelling with the artistry of knowing what to include or, more importantly, leave out. There are some beautiful models out there which are so perfect, yet they leave me cold. Others, whilst not of a top notch quality, have that elusive atmosphere which make them feel like a real railway.


That feeling of "place" is where I begin my planning. I've always been fascinated by the city terminus. Their constrained site, often below ground level, yet with an intensive service. So for this layout I've looked at London itself, the area around Clerkenwell, where a terminus could serve the needs of both the Eastern and London Midland regions of BR.


That's enough for today. Next time I'll describe a little more on the siting of the terminus and the form I hope the model will take.





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An interesting idea. I like the thought of City termini for the same reasons, I'll keep an eye out for how this progresses.

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Clerkenwell would make a very worthy model, but don't understimate the degree of complexity - nor the space you might find it begs for! You haven't mentioned an era, but I suggest the steam-diesel transition period would give the most fun - and empty your bank balance much more effectively! I first got to know the Widened Lines in the early 60s, and there were some steam workings, but early diesels like Cl 24 and 31 were also to be found, hauling old Gresley etc stock to and from Moorgate. The route through to the Southern was open until I think, 1961, so condensing tanks with freight could look very good, just bypassing the terminus you propose. I take it you will conveniently forget the Underground presence? Quite difficult to model convincingly, perhaps. I look forward to your further progress.

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