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Cement Shed - a 7mm track question



Ok, so I now have another dilemma... how wide is 7mm track (given that OO is 16.5 mm) and would 7mm stock run on code 100 rails ?


Also, if I made the receiving line mixed gauge, standard (wagons) & NG (loco), would it look 'wrong' (ignoring Rule 1 for a moment)?


The rationale (!) behind this train of thought is to use a loco from Wheal Tiny (when I've built it) to both propel the hopper wagon on to the upper track to discharge the Cement, and also to manouever the standard gauge wagon under the exit hopper, using a mixed gauge track.


Comments more than welcome, please.


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0 gauge track is 32mm track gauge. I don't think the mixed gauge would look wrong at all, certainly wouldn't look as daft as the Ravenglass and Eskdale did when they had the standard gauge feeder line running to the quarry at Murthwaite.

Yes 7mm scale stock does run on code 100 rails, Jim Read has used it for his 7mm scale light railway which can be found here:



Hope this helps.



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Guest Jim Read


Hello Stubby,


I'm the Jim Read that Neil referred to above. I have seen an 0 Gauge light railway layout that used Code 75 FB rail and that certainly did look spindly, much more so than my Code 100 effort. I had thought about doing it myself but the roller gauge I've got is for Code 100 and I don't know where I'd get a Code 75 one from.


I got my roller gauge from a model shop in Kingswinford and he'd had them made at a local engineering company I could produce a drawing from it if you wanted, I'm sure someone with a lathe and and small milling machine would make one for you.


Regards - Jim

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Hi Jim,


Thanks for the offer, but I'm only intending to lay about 10.5 inches of dead straight 7mm standard gauge, so given Neil's measurement of 32mm, I should be able to manage without a roller gauge.

My main concern was whether the flanges of a 7mm wagon would foul the chairs, but it seems this will be ok.


Thanks again



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