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Weathering of all sorts of locos and stock

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Stanier Mogul Finally Finished? as well as some other locos started ages ago

With a sunny day an opportunity to revisit some weathering conducted  by myself for me (makes a change!)   First up the Stanier Mogul.. I think it is now fully weathered. I must find a glue which sticks Bachmann cab doors on permanently. Any suggestions?     Next up another Bachmann product .. Royal Tank Corps ( renumbered then renamed and weathered     and a Model Loco Black 5. First one 45219.. needed finishing for ages..    N

Barry O

Barry O in locomotive

Stanier Mogul and Private Owner Wagons

I have had a short weathering session today. Having repainted a Bachmann Stanier Mogul  (thanks to @Rowsley17D for selling me the loco) I have now weateherd it - well phase 1 has been done .. a bit more to do when I remember to fit the new Brass Front footsteps.. Doh!     and some POWsides/Slaters Private owners         Baz

Barry O

Barry O in locomotive

Model Loco Black 5

Been a while since i last posted. I have been busy with lots of things including commissions but I have managed to get some time for some weathering of my own stock (more commissions are imminent!)   I repainted a model loco Black 5 I had bought last year and gave it a wash over with ink/water mix.     Now, armed with a suitable colour photo I have returned to finish the job       and in a view from above     I wonder
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