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Johnson Street IEMD - Layout update - Long Term maintenance shed hard standing improvements and Head Shunt siding buffered off nicely

23rd September 2021   As the layout continues to move forward, the depot scenes continue to gain a more polished look - although different in their usage and track work access, both the electric shed and the long term maintenance sheds are operated by the same TOC so they will get the same sort of treatment - expect to see a similar look to the electric shed, as seen here, with the yellow hazard markings for the inspection pit edges soon also.   Just beyond the Buffer Stop wi

Johnson Street IEMD - Layout update - OLE mock ups and fiddle yard discussion

11th September 2021   OLE   Yesterday (writing this, on Sunday) I had a brief visit to see how things are coming along with the layout - getting to see the backscene board nicely in place, looking at where the OLE masts would be placed and what exact form they would take - PIC 4 shows roughly how it might look - having found some brackets a couple of years ago that ''might be'' adapted - siilar in overall resulting appearance to those seen at Chester's Making Tracks layout -

Johnson Street IEMD - Layout update - painted backscene and fiddle yard access track

6th September 2021   Whilst I was chasing Cans and Dysons, my eager beaver @amertonman was pulling my backscene and cracking on at pace to get my layout finished off.   The idea is that a long enough fiddle yard siding will be sufficient to rotate the loco movements to depict their movements in and out of Johnson Street IEMD.   This is all good progress ... i am actually pinching myself :-)   OLE's coming soon .... Wooooooooooooooo !!!!!!   Then

Johnson Street IEMD - Layout update - 1st September 2021 - Hardstanding at Electric Shed sorted

1st September 2021   September, that spiffingly super month - and the electric depot now has its hardstanding sorted, following on from the work to do a similar thing at the Long Term maintenance shed. Thank you @amertonmanfor the speedy progress - expertly modelled by Multimodal, Armistice and Shed 65.

Johnson Street IEMD - Layout update - 31st August 2021 - Long Term maintenance shed approach gets hard standing BETWEEN the tracks now

31st August 2021   The man in charge of bringing Johnson Street IEMD to life is making tracks on the later parts of the project and having undertaken an exercise in testing all of the points and their respective motors - he's now laid the hard standing between the tracks on the Long Term repair shed before undertaking a similar exercise on what will be the electric depot. Voila !!!    

Layout & loco update - 22nd August 2021 - Last third of the build AND Bachmann 66065 does DCC Sound & Barbie visits her new home

22nd August 2021   Having recently changed to a new project manager who has the time and know how to complete the project. The layout has also been moved nearer to its eventual position and as part of preliminary inspections, the layout wiring has been adjusted and is all now working as it was originally plumbed in - thank you @amertonman.   @amertonman has also been tasked with harnassing the third of my DCC sound chips for a Class 66 to a recent acquisition, Bachmann's most

Malcolm and Multimodal do Making Tracks at Chester Cathedral

7th August 2021 - Malcolm (90024) and Multimodal (90019) at Making Tracks     Having first laid eyes on the Chester Cathedral layout on Youtube several months ago, seen below on Hornby Magazine's clip, I just knew i had to see it, not on someone's video as such, but get out there and see it in the flesh, there have been a number of exhibitions where OLE layouts have been present but this was probably the first where i was either (a) able to get involved in or (b) had sufficient en

Johnson Street IEMD - Loco update - 1st August 2021 - Bachmann Class 90 testing - Double heading - Multimodal, Malcolm and DB Blue, sorry Bill !!!

1st August 2021   Having recently attended the Making Tracks event at Chester Cathedral a few weeks ago and firstly got stuck in traffic, secondly, got stuck with my CVs - Bill made a oh so brief but not very impressive appearance - Jack, faired slightly better - see third and fourth clips - and possibly a tiny little boob with the coupling rods on the Bachmann intermodals, a third time lucky mission was sought, and in order to do this, my Skoda CVs needed adjustment and through this p

Johnson Street IEMD - loco fleet update - Multimodal (90019) does DCC Sound

7th June 2021   A recent opportunity presented itself to make one of my DB90s sound fitted and knowing that two of them were still analogue. It was a toss up between Barbie and Bellshill to get the nod, well its ladies first and Barbie has gone digital and the sound has gone to Multimodal which I expect to be the busier of the two.   A quick clip of this is below:    

Multimodal, Malcolm and Bill do Rose Heath

26th May 2021   With the ready supply of DB Cargo Class 90s out of Crewe IEMD due to Grand Central's demise, DB have opted to increase the number of different services 90s are hauling, starting with a trial on 4X40 Shell /BP tanker service from Warrington  bank Quay to Wembley sidings, seen passing Rose Heath to the south. Meanwhile Malcolm rail 90024 out on test but failed just south of Rose Heath station.   Note:   In the real world, there is a place near Lockerbi

Johnson Street IEMD - Layout Update - 20th May 2021

Layout Update   On a day when three DB Cargo Class 90s went to Warrington to recover a Class 325, three DB Class 90s also made a short trip down the line to Johnson Street IEMD. Multimodal, Malcolm and DB Blue all got chance to see their forthcoming new home and I got to see how much progress has been made and also what's still to do before Johnson Street IEMD is signed for active workings.    Palisade fencing has gone in around the main electric shed including a gate out to

Johnson Street IEMD - A prized possession - Backbone !!!

What a great prize !!!   Imagine [email protected] !!!   He would fit nicely in with the "Team Red Skodas" at Johnson Street IEMD !!!   [email protected]      Johnson Street IEMD on Youtube Johnson Street IEMD on Instagram       DB Cargo UK (@DBCargoUK) Tweeted: We’re giving away a Class 90 model to celebrate the findings of a report commissioned by the Rail Delivery Group which highlights the value of rail frei

Johnson Street IEMD - loco fleet update - Barbie (90021) lands - Bachmann class 90 number seven

Saturday 1st May 2021   Having thought my 90 pool was going to remain at six for the foreseeable future, I underestimated one key consideration, "desire"... :-)   Having seen a couple of 90s which had wetted my taste buds, a Grand  Central liveried one and also a Scotrail liveried one, this was the inevitable sign of things to come.   The latter of these two really interests me as Johnson Street IEMD is going to become a centre of excellence for the maintenance of

Johnson Street IEMD - loco fleet update- Multimodal (90019) lands - Bachmann class 90 number six

19th March - Multimodal arrives   Christmas 2020 for Johnson Street was one which would see the arrival of two more DB Cargo Class 90s. They would both be red and would hopefully add to the variety of DB liveries that will litter Johnson Street.   It was always envisaged that their arrival would be in the early part of 2021, this further delayed by a few decalling issues, availability and then the emergence of the Glider decals for 90037, which ironically was the one loco I d

Johnson Street IEMD - modelling inspiration - 90039 "Backbone"" gets a twitter video

Like it or not ?   DB Cargo's latest Class 90 relivery comes in the form of an unusual black livery with the "backbone of the economy branding" on the side and a promotional video to follow with it.   As an active follower of the DB90, I was surprised when I first saw this some weeks ago, initially thinking it was all about peculiar. It turns out DB in Germany did the same with another electric loco, I'm guessing electric hauled freight plays a much greater part as opposed to

Johnson Street IEMD: Loco fleet Update - 21st February 2021 - Bachmann Class 90s - DB Cargo - Class 90 019 ''Multimodal'' and 90 036 ''Driver Jack Mills''

Sunday 21st February 2021   Rewritten (27th)   Having recently added Pride of Bellshill or as I now fondly refer to him "Bellshill" (DB Schenker liveried 90018) back in October, I thought it extremely unlikely that I would be looking at two skodas poking their heads out of my stocking on Christmas day but tis the season of magical things, isnt it ? Like it snowing, the lovely food we all get to eat, seeing friends and family, we should all enjoy this soooo much more next time

Johnson Street IEMD: Loco fleet Update - 10th January 2021 - Ex-EWS DB 66139 gets sound fitted - January transfer window open ... possible movement ?

January 2021 Update     DB 66139 gets sound ... and ...   Recent arrival Ex-EWS DB liveried Bachmann Class 66 has now been sound fitted, thank you to @amertonman (with a Bachmann 66 sound chip and speaker).  Do I keep the host sound 66 027 ? well, I think it's probably going to go, but im still umming and arring on that subject, we'll see...  Currently, two of my three DB66s are now sound fitted, 66009 and now 66139, its my intention to get 66065 sound fitted, and when t

Johnson Street IEMD: layout and loco update: Boxing day 2020

Johnson Street IEMD: layout and loco update: Boxing day 2020   First of all, I want to say Merry Christmas to all those people who view my blog, it has been an unprecedented and turbulent year all across the planet - and the kind which we probably thought we would never experience in our lifetime, the history of those who lived in the times of the plague seemed like such a long long time ago and would we/could we ever be experiencing such a thing ourselves with all the advances in medi

Johnson Street IEMD: Loco fleet Update - 26th October 2020 - Two Bachmann arrivals - 66139 & 90018

26th October 2020   Bachmann DB Cargo 90018   I had been planning to leave this review on here back in September, but my plans regarding the fourth instalment on my DB 90 fleet had been a bit up in the air, anyway, several weeks of plans being changed a bit, I finally settled on 90018 in DB Schenker red ''The Pride of Bellshill'' in a mucky tired state. 90018 was the second of the four DB Schenker branded Class 90s, following 90036. and subsequent to this 90029 and 90040. Sub

Johnson Street IEMD - modelling inspiration at Stafford South Junction

Modelling inspiration this afternoon caught in the form of some live footage of two of my favourites, DB 90028 and 90024 on 4M25, and also a short while after LSL's 90001 passing through Stafford.     I originally planned to catch 90024 asap when it had been due to be testing after having been reinstated by DB. Unknown to me, at the time, it had actually been down to Stafford with 90034 and I'd missed it which i was really cross about, sooo having seen it was back on pla

Johnson Street IEMD

Johnson Street IEMD

Johnson Street IEMD: The rollercoaster ride continues

16th September 2020   Its been quite a busy time for those paying attention to the world of the Class 90, Freightliner have not that long ago acquired Greater Anglia's 90s with them going to EMUs, they have also been in the process of reliverying several of these into G&A Orange and black and even more recently than that, they have started putting some of them into service, even those which were are still in ex-GA are now working on FL workings, which tehnically means Freightliner

Johnson Street IEMD

Johnson Street IEMD

Johnson Street IEMD: The Highs and Lows of ''the railway and the modelling'' that follows it

10th September 2020   Those of us following the real world activities and operations of the modern railway have been saddened to hear that as a result of the unprecentedented circumstances that we are living with across the planet are leaving their imprint on the world of the railways as well as everything else. Grand Central who have emerged as an operator delivering passenger services to the eastern side of the country to lesser stations than the main operators and were due to extend

Johnson Street IEMD

Johnson Street IEMD

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