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About this blog

A companion blog to my Brent layout topic and steam modelling blog where most of my work in progress modelling is posted.  The aim being to display the completed stock for the layout, along with a record as to the work done.  The eventual plan is that each loco will have a single post, along with posts detailing each complete train.

Most of the modelling has previously been covered either in my steam workbench blog, or on the Brent thread.  Any questions, potential improvements or other comments please fire away!

Entries in this blog

The Great Western TPO

Formation:  (down) King or Castle Siphon G 2917 L23 814 L21 794 LMS 30249 (vehicle was replaced with a Hawksworth L25 at some point in 47 and returned to the LMS) L18 807 L22 798 (again this appears to have been replaced with an L25 by 1948, coach diagram  was also used in a Plymouth cross country service, so I will likely also replace eventually) K17 1125 O33 Siphon G, Ian McDonald kit L23 (Hammond Kit) currently on a modif
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