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Bristol Barrow Road - Breakdown Train - Identification of Stock



I have been looking through my collection of photos taken in and around Bristol Barrow Road shed during the 1950s and 1960s and have noticed two photos of what I believe is the shed breakdown train in the sidings alongside the shed. Is anyone able to assist in the identification of any of the three vehicles, one of which appears to be a modified clerestory of Midland Railway origin whilst I have no idea on the other two.



Ivo Peters 1957 - the three vehicles are in the road behind the Mogul



George Heiron 1957 - roof view of the same vehicles




It has been suggested that the middle vehicle is a 6 wheel Full Brake which may be of SDJR origin and is similar to the Connoisseur Models O gauge of the same.


My second question is therefore does anyone have a kit of the 4mm version that they are prepared to sell?




I have two other photos of what I believe to be the same Midland clerestory taken at the other side of the shed in the former carriage sidings these are taken in the 1960s whereas the other two are 1957.



Cedric Catt c1963



Railphotoprints c1963




Any help with identifying any or all of these three vehicles would be appreciated.

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the Midland clerestory looks like a TPO


Hi Mozzer,


It does look like an ex Midland stowage van, certainly the doors are in the correct places. Can you point me in the direction of a suitable kit?



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