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Replica 4Epb. Glazing fitted.




Hi All,


A few photos to show the latest progress on the EPB. The Replica glazing really is easy to fit, and the effect is far and away above anything I could produce without it.










Now it's on to the transfers, final detailing and still waiting for the motorbogie. Comments welcome as always.


Cheers for now, Ian



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Its amazing really it took as long as it did for someone to get onto the glazing as a stand alone product? cheap enough arent they too.


Looks good and as you say simple enough to do.





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Nice! - the glazing even sort-of replicates those fogged windows you used to get in cold weather! I get that unintentioned effect with stray super glue...

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Hi All,

Thanks for the comments. Pete the Replica glazing fits the DC Kits perfectly, take a look at the Hap in my gallery. I have found a new pet hate while doing this 4EPB, No Smoking signs! Theres quite a few on these suburban units. Though not as many as had I finished it in NSE livery I suppose. Halfway through finishing transfers, post some more pics later.


Cheers for now, Ian

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