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The factory – Part 1

Job's Modelling



Pavement and road are in place. So I can start with the factory.




I started with the wall at the end of the diorama and the factory chimney.

The wall is build straight forward using TX24 Dark Brown Brick and the coping from RO11 Arched Bridge from Scalescenes.

The wall is weathered after building using in the Schminke pastels mentioned in the previous entry. To give you an impression I made a picture with the finished wall on a piece of clean printing on Fine Art paper.




Then I started with a TX24 chimney. Before I started I had a look at several picture of chimney’s on the internet.

I liked that metal bindings along some of the chimney’s I saw. I decided not to use card for modelling them, but to use a black pastel pencil.

I “colored” the bindings on the chimney before gluing the texture on the template build chimney. With a cotton bud I worked the pastel on the chimney.




Then I glued the texture om the template. I did this step by step, side by side. The used template was too large and after drying for 24 hours I cut the glued part at size.




After I the chimney was finished it got a light pastel weathering.


Here are some pictures of the wall and chimney glued in place on the diorama. The chimney looks too high on one of the pictures. It has the same height of the diorama.

When everything is finished it isn’t possible to have the low street view. I will do some additional weathering at the edge of the wall and the pavement as the factory is finished.






If anyone has useful information, comments or suggestions please let me know.

Kind regards,


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  • RMweb Gold

Hi Job, good to see progress on Caroline street. The chimney is something new from you, I think the metal bindings work well.


You say the low street view won't be possible when it's done. Is that because there will be a building in front? 

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Thanks, Mikkel,


When the diorama is placed in the APA-box you have another viewing angle.

But it is always possible to take it out to make pictures from different positions.

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  • RMweb Gold

Ah, I see. Do you have a stock of APA boxes, I understand they are out of production now.

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I have still one in stock.

But now I can remove a diorama, store it in a smaller box, and use the open place for a new diorama.

It is also possible then to create a  real shadow-box for one of the diorama's.

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