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I Feel Fine (Scale)



After an unpleasant experience with a point motor (don't ask, I don't want to talk about it * :icon_mutter:) I thought I'd try some of this boundary pushing lark.


Following Graeme's revalation that current production N stock will run on 2mm Association Easitrac I felt that it had to be worth a play - so with a supply of concrete sleeper Easitrac sprues, some code 40 flat bottom rail, a supply of copperclad sleepers and a couple of 2mmFS track gauges it was time to play.










Well, that went well. :icon_thumbsup2:


Now for the copperclad. I couldn't be bothered to find my small soldering iron so large bit and lots of solder - not the neatest job in the world.




The sleepers were only trimmed roughly and not all are at right angles - even the point blades are different lengths but when built to 2mmFS gauge - to match the Easitrac with sufficient clearance at the wing and check rails, guess what? It worked!:icon_e_surprised:


That's right - I can rattle that DMU through at any speed up to supersonic, in any direction, and it stays on the rails.




The check and wing rail clearances can be tightened up a bit and a bit more time and effort will result in a much neater job, but it does prove that it will work. I wonder what will happen if something with 2mmFS wheels tries to go through? More experimentation is needed I think. :icon_winker:



*OK then, since you asked. I soldered the wires to my brand new Seep point motor. Test fitted it. Cut the operating arm to length. Screwed it in place. Connected it up. It worked first time - great. I flicked it back and forth a few times to check that the point blades moved and sat correctly. On about the sixth operation the operating arm fell out and the spring and contact of the built in switch made a bid for freedom on the floor. :icon_grumpy:


More by luck than judgement I managed to find all three fugitive parts and, after unscrewing the motor, disconnecting it and a modicum of bad language managed to reassemble it. The only trouble is - I don't trust the thing any more. I just know it'll drop out again when someone is watching it.


I hate point motors.

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Thats a lovely bit of trackwork you have there - it looks so much better than the Peco flexi! Good job on point building too (with a big bit), i take it you used a template to assemble the point on?


John E.

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Thanks John,


I created a B8 template in Templot (an excellent piece of software). The 2mm Association also provide templates (and jigs) for point building.


The only trouble is that now I'm tempted to make a 'proper' 2mmFS point. Shame I haven't got anything to run through it. :rolleyes:

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Awesome. Please can you explain what gauges you used and what settings you used for check rails and such like?



I recently joined the 2mm Association as I want to model in either N or 2mmFS aswell as P4 but currently thinking of N gauge locos on a hybrid track. Hate the look of Peco track!


I was thinking of building some of my own points as I have done so in P4.



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