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A day of mixed motions



Today Daniel and I spent the day in Princes Risborough community centre at the club's modelling Saturday. We both choose to spent the day working of value gear, in my case the valve gear of my NuCast GWR Steam Railmotor and Daniel on the inside motion for his Finney Hall.


In my case it was adding the cylinder covers, soldering the slide bars and adding the eccentrics. It all went really well, with the exception of the eccentrics that just would not stay attached to the crankpin end. I must have applied about 5 lots of loctite, but it just fell of at the slightest touch. I shall have to look into that some more. Despite this setback I'm really pleased to have seen the rail motor move, with all the motion down the right thing and the motor actually managing to move the large white metal lump. I'll do another post on this with some pictures/video when I get the eccentrics to stay attached.


Daniel completed the second set of his Hall inside eccentrics - lots of eccentricity going on! Towards the end of the after it put it all together for a test run. It was good to see this, his first attempt at working inside valve gear start to move. The video below is a short clip I took of his test run using my phone, so please excuse the quality.



The blutak is only there to hold things temporarily, it will all get taken off and painted before being finally fixed with loctite once the set of Alan Gibson wheels he has are added.

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