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  1. Why Canute Road… and a very local exhibition… Southampton Tram Project model event 8/9th June, click below to read more https://southern-railway.com/2024/05/14/why-canute-road-and-a-very-local-exhibition/
  2. Day two of the Isle of Wight model event with Canute Road Quay and the occasional 1:1 scale train as well.
  3. Canute Road Quay is set up and running at the Isle of Wight Steam Railway model event this weekend. https://southern-railway.com/2024/05/06/itll-be-all-wight-on-the-weekend-heading-to-vectis/?amp
  4. I must admit I crew mine using each crew member held rather undignified by the head using tweezers and feed feet first through the cab openings.
  5. It’ll be all Wight on the weekend.. heading to Vectis… Canute Road Quay's next outing is this coming weekend 11th / 12th May. Click here for details https://southern-railway.com/2024/05/06/itll-be-all-wight-on-the-weekend-heading-to-vectis/
  6. Imminent May/June
  7. E87061 is a Diagram S10 and therefore without the louvres.
  8. As already stated the EFE Rail YOB is nothing to do with the Hattons abandoned project.
  9. Yes indeed Key Model World Live is planned already for next year to be on the same weekend 26/27th April 2025.
  10. A lot of very visible pulley and wire gubbings needed on the cab roof (but no air pump)!
  11. No as the LSWR pull push system was mechanical (wire and pulley) and not the air operated system adopted by the SR in the early thirties.
  12. Not so, the EFE Rail YOB is a new project from the ground up and nothing to do with the Hattons abandoned project.
  13. The EFE Rail model is a completely new project from the ground up and has no connection with the previously abandoned Hattons plan to produce these cranes.
  14. Not the vegetarian ones... Or the meat ones before anyone gets worried...
  15. If you bring a 'true' 00 scale mug I will fill it for 75 new pence, but you will need to mind your fingers as I don't have an 00 scale teapot
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