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A Little Destruction

Ian Morgan


With only two weeks until the Newbury exhibition, taking a chisel to the layout might seem a bit foolhardy. However, I had a few jobs I wanted to complete before showing the layout again, so I have booked a few days holiday to get them done.


The first job is to extend the station concourse. Having acquired more photos and information, it was apparent that I had underestimated its size, as the W.H.Smiths bookshop and newsagents was sited between the station building and the signal box. I have moved the buffer stops almost two inches closer to Newport. I positioned some plastic card and foamboard as foundations for the buildings and concourse surface. The headshunt is still long enough for a Class 33 to run round. The prototype was only just long enough for an O2 to run round, but that would be a bit restrictive for my layout. The ground surface can now be remade.


A little more destruction along the rear of the platform was caused by the removal of the over-height etched fencing which will be replaced by 3D printed Southern Railway cast concrete palings that I have created.



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What would have been more impressive, is if you had done it, as a demonstration at an exhibition? But having said that it's nice to see the progress you are making on Freshwater.



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That all looks a little drastic (especially with 2 weeks to go before an exhibition) :-)


The 3D printed buildings all look really good, I particularly like the brickwork colouring on the station building, certainly in what I take to be natural daylight.


Shame the exhibition is at least 2 and half hours away from me :-(



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