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  1. Following on from the radiotherapy, I have had two 4-weekly PSA tests, and they have both come back as 'undetectable', so basically zero. Last week I had another PSMA PET scan (where a radioactive marker is injected that attaches itself to cancer cells anywhere in the body). My oncologist telephoned yesterday to tell me they found no sign of any cancer anywhere. Although I am very relieved to get the news, I am reluctant to celebrate too much because, during my course of treatment, I met many other sufferers at different stages of their treatment, and I am aware that some of them may not have the positive outcome that I have experienced. So, I repeat my message GET A PSA TEST! Catch it early. Meanwhile, I will continue with the hormone injections and Enzalutamide tablets for another year or more, and will have regular PSA tests. Apart from the continuing hot flushes, I am pretty much back to how I felt before my first PSA test. Anything else, I can just put down to getting old. Thanks for your support and good wishes throughout the last twelve months.
  2. and cleverly designed so the white rubber centre goes down under the weight of a car, and rubber wipers automatically remove dirt from the lens as it does so.
  3. Poo Sticks. They have replaced the earlier Poo Postcards.
  4. What do people do about cleaning solar panels? Is it necessary? After the winter they look to have accumulated some dust and dirt on their lower halves. There is no way I can reach to do it myself.
  5. Having seen some of your larger scale modelling, I don't think 2mm finescale will cause you many problems. Good optics, good light, good tools and take your time. Plus, you can see how busy this corner of rmweb is, so you can always cry for help and get lots of support here. Good Luck.
  6. I think you will find that is the list of ingredients for McD's fries in the US. The ones sold in the UK have a very different list of ingredients. Ingredients: Potatoes, Non-Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils (Rapeseed), Dextrose (predominantly added at beginning of the potato season). Prepared in the restaurants using a non-hydrogenated vegetable oil. Salt is added after cooking.
  7. This is 4mm MDF with EasiTrak laid directly on top. If you need more oompf then just stick another magnet on top of first ones (they stick to each other very strongly - just watch them fly around the workbench!). These are 6mm diameter magnets, other sizes and shapes are available.
  8. I had to buy a typewriter to type up my final year thesis at university. It was cheaper than getting an agency to type it out for me. Back on topic, do you like making up patterns when shunting?
  9. Today I have added the first uncoupler servo to the layout. It covers the two tracks entering (or leaving) the fiddle yard. I use DG uncouplers on my stock. The mount is fabricated from two pieces of L-section aluminium. The two neodymium magnets are glued to the angle using Gorilla epoxy resin (particularly smelly). Two more magnets were used on the other side of the aluminium to hold them in place while the glue set, otherwise the magnets try to join each other. The two small holes in the baseboard were drilled from above, through the track centres to aid in positioning the mount and magnets. The first three photos show the uncoupler in the 'deactivated' position. The magnet poles are parallel to the tracks as well as some distance from the tracks. The final photo shows the uncoupler activated, with the magnets flat against the underside of the baseboard. the magnetic field is now projecting vertically up through the tracks.
  10. These things are popular in Germany, usually connected to an indicator to warn drivers if it is in place:
  11. even a single 0.2mm strand would do for a couple of centimeters through the baseboard. On "Freshwater", "Camford Junction" and "50K Coley Park" I added two droppers to each length of rail (one at each end), just in case. Below the baseboard, I have used: stripped copper mains cable soldered to small brass screws self-adhesive copper tape copper clad PCB sleepers glued beneath, linked with 'normal' hook-up wire All the above worked well.
  12. For 2mm scale use, the dropper wires do not need to be that heavy. A single strand of that multi-strand wire would suffice. You only need a few centimeters of dropper to connect to some heavier wire below the baseboard. Think 3 Amp fuse wire. 3 Amp is way more current that a 2mm scale loco would require. Just make sure your DCC command station, or district cut-outs are limited to 1.5 Amp in case of a short circuit. Most analogue controllers supply less than that.
  13. I was living and working in Munich in the early noughties and have loads of photos of trams, trains, U-Bahn and S-Bahn. I actually managed to take a set of photos of every S-Bahn station on the network then. I did like the original alex livery, before Arriva took them over.
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