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Finney7 LSWR T3



Now the Armstrong is in it's final stages (pictures to follow!) time has come to start on the next build.


This will be for the re-released Finney7 LSWR T3. I intend to cover this build far more than previous ones but it's by no means a critical review, just a review of how I build and if there are any problems along the way to aid others. It will be built straight from the box with just a few mods on the way mainly to aid painting.
The best advice I can ever give anyone when doing a build like this is whatever stage you are doing make sure you finish that stage! It's always tempting to run onto the next but having to go back to things sometimes is the hardest part and can cause projects to stall. The instructions have been laid out to reflect this type of building by having it all in stages. As long as you finish all the parts that are in that stage then you will be on the way to finishing the whole thing!! So congrats to the team at Finney7 for that!!!


The kit is basically as per the Finney original but comes with a far more comprehensible instruction book similar to ones made by MOK kits. It is full of diagrams and pictures that aid the builder far more than the original one and it is also available to download from the Finney7 website.


So in the box is 5 sheets of etched parts and numerous castings in brass, whitemetal and nickel silver. They are all of the most highest quality with very little work required to use them. This loco is also to have inside motion, so an additional kit is required for this available from Finney7.


I will add pictures as I go, but won't bore you with endless pictures!! There is a fair amount of cusp to remove but that sadly is just standard for the majority of kits and the etched process and is not a reflection on the kit.


So the first stage is to build the bogie to support the front of the loco. So lots of cusp removing and the first stages are on the way!


More to follow soon!

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If it's as good as the Armstrong build I'm sure it'll be worth following.

Very much looking forward to seeing your work again.

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