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    Walter ! Do you know what the time is ? Yes my love, Double Summertime !
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    GWR early period. Oh! By the way, I've gone over to the Dark Side..... O Gauge what fun !

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  1. You've managed to pull another one out of the bag Mikkel, nicely written description of your work and excellent model. Although you mention not wishing to add reins have you considered using a glue gun to produce some ? Simply place a drop onto any surface and then slowly pull away to produce the stringing effect ( you know, the one which is a nuisance in normal use ). Cheap, easy and can be replaced at virtually no cost if broken. Once set cut to length. Or maybe some EZ Line which will give enough when you move the model with just enough slack in it. G
  2. Ah ! But that's Suvvern !!! Correct spelling Rob and it's closer to GWR stations too, Tivvy and Culmstock.
  3. Blimey that is rather spooky, I hadn't realised the bridge into Venice was similar. Maybe I'd seen it in the past without realising. Thank you John very much appreciated, dare I say I made it blindly ( See what I did there ? ). Perhaps one day it could see a Swiss loco running across it......nudge... nudge....wink....wink !!! G
  4. Hopefully it will go ahead safely Clive. One small matter though.........will you be wearing a kilt ? Humph !
  5. Thank you Mikkel, I pondered over this for some time and felt they would 'elevate' its looks slightly. My original thoughts of a smaller bridge didn't sit well in my eyes hence this being made and hopefully will fit in with my overall vision. G
  6. From what little information I have it was used for quite a few goods dispatches and arrivals from/to the rural community. The next Goods Advice slip I have found in my collection is also for Gt. Rollright. From the building company's point it was used for dropping off building materials used during local contracts. This one is dated 1909. G
  7. Slightly off topic John, Whilst searching for other stuff this afternoon I came across some of my 'railway ephemera' and found several interesting labels etc of which this was one.... OK it's NOT Stoke Courtney but made me think of your thread. It is one of many which I saved from the furnace at an old Victorian building contractors founded in 1840 which I ran back in the '80s. I asked if the owner of the Co. if he minded me having them so lots of labels and other interesting railway related items were saved by me both for posterity and railway interest. Here's one on my favourites... G
  8. bgman

    Bovey Quay

    Oooops! "my bad" as the new wave talk goes ! Zummerzet should provide you with a renewed start George I am so pleased you've got somewhere now. G now where did I put my atlas ?
  9. bgman

    Bovey Quay

    I wish you well when you move George, I trust you will settle to a new life here in Devon. G
  10. Working to earn the cash to buy what you want ! (Happily retired) As an aside I am very much enjoying these blog entries and this period is really tempting.
  11. I must apologise on behalf of my friend John, he knows not what he is doing, one day all railway layouts will be GWR based
  12. Very expensive but GOOD taste mon brave ! Will it be running across the carpet as well ?
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