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The Long Drag to Garsdale – I Talk to the Trees

Southern Fabricator


Well not exactly but very close! A while back, (well ages ago) I started to test out Luke Towan’s method of making wire trees. That was until I was 3 way point obsessed, but now having reviewed where I was up to I needed finish the trees so that they are ready to complete the Garsdale diorama. I started with a rough sketch to map the aerial view of their positions and sizes and found I really needed quite a few!

Before I decided to use the wire method, I had thought that the use of natural everyday material might be a cost effective method, and some material does work out brilliantly.
However one of my GWRM members pointed out that wire wound trees are less susceptible to damage if one’s layout is going to be semi portable. I then spent a day just cutting the 30 gauge florist wire for the fifteen large 5 metre scale high trees for a start. Then another day preparing them for branches and so forth before I will coat them with Pebeo latex ready for the application of foliage. The latex is reportedly good for six months after opening, so this why I opted to produce as many trees at once.

Briefly each tree uses 15 wire strands which is bent in half and given a 20 mm loop for the tree roots and now has 30 strands used to form the branches. The amount is up to how insane one feels for how many branches each tree needs. I started with the large trees as they can be pruned down to smaller sizes if needed. Just Google Luke Towan’s method of making wire trees if you want to have a example to watch. Right now I’m branching out as it were!

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This looks good. Thanks for the tip on Pebeo latex and Luke Towan's methods. The roots aren't often seen modelled so well. I found this video of his.


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