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Peckett W4 No. 883. Step 2.

Mick Bonwick


Now to remove some of the paint applied to the motion and wheels. Remembering the intended clean state of this loco, the coupling and connecting rods will be portrayed as 'wiped clean'. The sleeper grime thus needs to be removed from the areas where that wiping would have taken place, so some clean white spirit was applied with a small brush and rubbed gently to remove some paint. I have also removed some from the slide bars and whatever else might have been kept clean or wiped clean in normal use.



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  • RMweb Gold

I don't.


In this case the area to be cleaned is very small and I wanted to be quite specific about what was removed and what was left. My weapon of choice was, therefore, a small brush.

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  • RMweb Gold

I suppose that one could use one of those very small, pointed cotton buds, Mick? (like wot I discovered when our mutual friend Andrew gave me some last year!).


I agree with the use of brushes, though, different tools for different effects.

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