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Mick Bonwick


D3721 and Peckett No. 883 will be at the Hornby Magazine Great Electric Train Show this weekend, so if you plan on going, come and see how/if they differ from the photographs.






Look for a bloke doing weathering demonstrations. Point and snigger all you like, he won't mind He'll have his back to you. :)

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They look great Mick, I'm hoping to get there on one day and see them for myself. Hope I get a chance to say hi, I've got a few questions for you as well ;-)


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Not sure if you'll get to answer in time but do you know if any of the traders at the show will have the products you use?


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Yep! I'll have a look online a bit later. Thank you for your demo, I came away really inspired, all, your stock looked stunning on the displays. I cant wait to try the methods, just got to keep repeating less is more to myself! I meant to ask about the fading, would that be the first step and all the rest of the weathering going on top of it?


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