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Kyle - further PW progress...



Evening all,


The trip to Wycrail yesterday allowed me to make a few purchases and undertake some further work today on the new track insert(s) - A set of Xuron track cutters, new soldering iron 2mm chisel bit and a soldering iron cleaner were ticked off the shopping list.


First thing today I finished the tie bar started with Mark the other week. This was first drilled to allow for the wire in tube mechanism. Once installed it allowed me to trim the frog ends of the turnout to match the existing trackwork diverging roads. The new track cutters are perfect for this. Then the toe end was trimmed to suit.


To pack up the height a tad, I cut up a few of my spare business cards - a good stout piece of card and a little free advertising before I cover with paint and ballast ;) I could then drop in the turnout and check fit and look at connection to the existing wire in tube which protrudes from the platform face. A slot was also cut as the tie bar is a sleeper turned 90 degrees.


This has been modified by inserting a new fresh piece of wire and I need to do further work to get the throw right with the switch - previously had an omega loop but have cut open the back of the fascia incase I need to reroute it.


I then soldered some feed wires to the turnout namely outer rails and frog and holes were drilled through baseboards accordingly. Gapping the turnout was completed once I had run a through bits of stock through it and so far it seems to have taken to its setting quite well. Next weekend I will look to hook up the wires and check running ideally before glueing it in place. The last exercise was to wash and scrub the turnout with Vim using a toothbrush - must remember to stash it in my tool box than let it find it’s way back into the bathroom...although my teeth could do with whitening :laugh:


Here’s a few pics from today and as always comments welcome.













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Hi Pete,


Good to see those Xuron's fired up in anger already. ;)


Lovely neat and tidy work.  


Great stuff :D





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Hi Pete, Good to see those Xuron's fired up in anger already. ;) Lovely neat and tidy work.   Great stuff :D 
Thanks Mark - £17.99 well spent on those cutters :good:


lets hope I can run some Green Demus again
Oi! Last time you did that I ended up getting bitten by the sound bug - am almost bankrupt because of that :swoon:
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Nice work Pete. The station building comes off really well in that first shot btw.

The DVD slot  below the point control panel is intriguing!  :laugh:

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Don't forget to only use the Xuron track shears on soft materials!
Thanks Mark - strictly for track cutting only ;) Thanks for bringing my coat too!


Nice work Pete. The station building comes off really well in that first shot btw.The DVD slot  below the point control panel is intriguing!  :laugh:
Thanks Mikkel - although rather clumsily whilst marking the places to cut the turnout, the black marker pen slipped and marked the canopy :angry: need to find a way to redo that...As for the DVD slot...that’s for when my copy of ‘SeaGulls at Kyle’ CD finally arrives...;)
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