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The Fatadder


This has been sat on my workbench for an age, a resprayed Limby TGS into Great Western Trains livery.


This should have been a RTR job from Hornby, they went through a phase releasing the tatted up ex Lima TGS in all the liveries they had previously sold mk3s in. For some reason when they got to GWT they released it in First GW Fag Packet instead (a livery they never did on the mk3s or the powercars). Feels like a cock up...
At any rate I have one to respray (as I did with a sleeper previously)


This was in blue grey but is now fully resprayed into GWT, the lower buff looks a bit too light (but weathering will sort it out I hope). Transfers were added form Fox going for the earlier Intercity / Great Western branding to break up the uniformity of the rake.


It now needs the windows painted silver, then glazing before reuniting with chassis and ends

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