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The Fatadder


he arrival of parts to make another GWT Merlin liveried HST left an easy decision as to what to work on last night.


Most of the work requires paint work finishing off a couple of resprayed Lima mk3s once the weather warms up, along with adding Kaydees.


Last nights work focused on the powercars. I have a pair of Lima Powercars in GWT that are intended for this project, along with a new Hornby chassis.


I started with a few paint modifications to the Lima model, touching up the black and white paint to fix overspray, and painting the inside of the light clusters black.


Then it was time to modify the insides to fit the new chassis, first removing the original mounting screw points and glazing insert. Cut the guards door windows from the rest of the windows and refit to the model. Finally carve plastic from the inside of the front fairing to clear the new chassis.


It still needs a little more work, I want to respray the white band at the top of the sides (as there is very poor paint coverage over the green). The yellow is a bit of an odd shade (although it was at least painted) so this will also need a respray.


Compairing with photos there is a raised lip on the real thing that is missing from the Lima model, so this will need to be fitted. Unfortunately my phone battery ran out before starting this so had to stop until changed to access s prototype photo.


blogentry-54-0-73857600-1547277300_thumb.jpeg blogentry-54-0-68453100-1547277312_thumb.jpeg blogentry-54-0-16157500-1547277322_thumb.jpeg


While working on HSTs I have also tried to sort out my Virgin powercars, this has been renumbered with Fox transfers names for HMS Penzance. Unfortunately I didn’t varnish and one side got damaged, as I don’t really want to buy replacement transfers. My thought was to mix up paints to match the colours and touch it up by hand. I’m happy with most of it but one colour needs another attempt. I will mask off the glazing and give it a quick dusting of satin varnish to seal it all in this time.


  • blogentry-54-0-81920400-1547277741_thumb.jpeg


What it should look like




After the repair

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