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George's Train Set - The Rebuild Part 3 - Dead Short



Well, you'd have thought I'd have spotted that there was a short circuit way before I got to wiring up the turntable - HND Electrical & Electronic Engineering pah!


Of course having the two entries to the turntable and the desk permanently live means a dead short when you align it to one or the other entry roads. Something had to be done, I thought about insulated joints etc but decided to remove the problem altogether by making the longer curved entry into a siding and removing the RHD point leading to it. New plan is like this:




and it looks like this in reality




Wish I'd spotted it before I bought that extra RHD point, cost me £6.50!


Wiring is almost complete, just got the station area left hand side to do, should be done in another evening, then I can get on with the Boxfile for a bit




wiring complete last night, my Hornby APT-P did an inaugural run, complete with buffet car :)



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The only option would be a kickback siding from the bottom engine shed road in the far right bottom corner, replace the R606. But due to the length of the road after the 606 you'd only get a small engine down there. I can't extend that road due to the power connector in the corner .....

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