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Stour Valley Dream - Blimmey look at the size of that!

Fen End Pit


I've been doing a lot of test running over the last few days, running trains around at ludicrous speeds and watching what falls off where then trying to fix it. I've also had various older bits of stock out and been working over issues on them.


So out of the draw came the old faithfully Gibson J15, powered by a small portescap with an extra idler gear. I tried shunting wagons in and out of the coal siding and it kept stalling so it was out with the cotton buds and lighter fuel. Just cleaning the wheels didn't do the trick so it was off with the lid to have a good look. What a lot of fluff!




To say it worked better with out that lot in would be an understatement.




(alternative title 'nice bit of fluff')



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I do hope you didn't throw out the fluff. A modeller always keeps things, you never know it might come in handy  :D

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An impressive furball in there, removed a few like that over the years. 


I do look at some of the huge layouts with loads of stock that people build and my first reaction these days is to wonder how they keep it all clean. 

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(alternative title 'nice bit of fluff')


Ah, but it wasn’t nice...

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