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Progress & Change in Plans

So, first off, I think after this entry, I'll switch to a workbench thread.    The blogs here seem to get very little traffic, and I'm an attention whore.   I do want commentary on what I can do better.


We had a short break in the weather, with reasonable temps, so I took to the cardboard box that qualifies as my spray booth.


The Heller/Airfix/Tasman de Havilland Dragon Rapide is almost finished.   Two small detail paint jobs, window frames, and reattaching the struts should do it.   Good thing, too, as my club's layout is showing on March 23rd, and I think it will be a wonderful piece for our airfield.    I will not be attempting rigging on this build.    I don't think I did well enough of a job to warrant it.



Next, I have a Bandai Gundam kit I am working on, the High Grade 1/144 OZ-06MS Leo.    I don't normally build these smaller HG kits.   I much prefer the 1/100 kits, normally Master Grade, but this I built and modified for a contest in my local Gunpla club.   Aiming for a pirate theme, I used parts from the Crossbone Gundam and a cheap scenery tree, along with some brass rod.    I also played with damaging the parts with a soldering iron.   I wanted the suit to look underkempt and beaten.   Tonight I managed to get a coat of paint on everything,  Citadel Chaos Black;


Which focused on the bottle of ClearFix, apparently.


I also managed a coat of primer on the Infinity models.   I don't think I'll work on them too much more in the immediate future.    At this stage, the painting would be intensive, and I have other, older, less intensive projects that time could be given to instead.



Finally, I laid a coat of color on the Beetle.    I had a can of Boyd Lime Pearl, so I thought I'd give it a try.


I hope I can get the roof smooth without destroying too much of the pearl; the paint is OoP, and the can is small.


Watch for the thread.

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