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GWR 0-6-0PT's at Stratford (LNER)

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One thing I need to put to bed once and for all: on my site, www.brdatabase.info, two GWR 0-6-0PT's, nos 9700 & 9701 are listed as having been allocated to Stratford (ER/LNER) in the 1940's. This is a parsing error. Both of these engines, at the time of allocation, had an GER/LNER equivalent, and it is these engines that should be listed as allocated to Stratford. It's the kind of mistake anyone can make after having consumed an eclectic array of real ales!


As others have surmised, 9700 and 9701 refer to N7's. 


A Collett Goods 0-6-0 No 2238 is also listed in 1946 - this should have been Startford-Upon-Avon.


Incidentally, a Hawksworth 0-6-0PT No 9401 *was* loaned to Stratford in 10/1/1957 - 2/6/1957.


The fixes for the three mistakes are not as simple as you would expect so I will fix this perhaps over Easter.



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