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A Nuclear Bomber Build - Boeing B-29A Superfortress 'Enola Gay'

Back last October, I started construction of an Academy Boeing B-29A Superfortress - however due to railway commission work I didn't get very far (and it was proving a challenging kit)


A big box of parts..




Start of the cockpit..




Test fitting in the fuselage




Cockpit, tunnel & rear crew area test fitted together.




Crew area's painted.




Fuselage nearly ready to close up, along with a few other bits..




After an awful lot of coins in the swear jar (and insulating tape)- the fuselage is together..




In order to create the A version - there's a lot of filing & sanding involved.




Dry fit of the wings (tail empernage is fitted)




Also a lot of ballast is needed to get the center of gravity right!




Even more filling and sanding needed..




And imagine the swearing when I saw where they'd put the ejector pins on the nose wheels!!




Aftermarket to the rescue there - courtesy of Hannants..




Somehow the main canopy needs a 20 thou styrene packer on the port side to fit properly!




And on that disappointment - that's all for now..


.. till next time



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It's 8 15 . That's the time that it's always been. We've got your message on the radio, condition's normal and we're coming home.

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13 minutes ago, gwrrob said:

It's 8 15 . That's the time that it's always been. We've got your message on the radio, condition's normal and we're coming home.


I'll have her finished by then ;)

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I made the airfix version as a kid!.., are you going to finish it in the stick on aluminium foil stuff?

Seen a few planes done in that, whilst it sounds a bit of a nightmare to apply, it does give the aircraft a most realistic look..


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Thanks for sharing your build. Takes me back to Airfix Kits and Woolworths on a Saturday....


Hope you have more luck with yours...



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