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  1. I’ve found a suitable casting for the gas tank from Wizard, the piping will be the difficult bit.
  2. Lot's of others have posted photos but I thought I'd shew you mine too. A really nice model for 25 sheets and as can be seen I've made a start on adding the missing vents and gas tops using a template. Does anyone know who does a casting for the gas cylinder ?
  3. I think there was a build article on the WEP kit by Chris Gwilliam in BRM in the 90s too. I'd like to know which issues.
  4. The reason I asked was I'm wondering if these models are made in the same factory as the Kernow railmotor and maybe used the same chocolate brown [RAL 8017] Can @Graham_Muz enlighten us perhaps.
  5. Is the chocolate used on this type of stock the same as used on coaches?
  6. I have the RAL numbers for GWR chocolate and cream but also black if that helps @Roger Sunderland
  7. Castings are/were available from Brian at 247 although I can’t see them on his website. The ones I have are in a pack of 8 under the code C565 , also suitable for siphons.
  8. For those wanting to add the missing roof vents casting are available from Harry here https://www.hamodels.net/no-nonsense-kits-4mm-large-shell-vents-gwr/lms-pack-contents-20.html
  9. Any chance of flipping it over Phil @Harlequin to shew the underframe detail please.
  10. Just the four roof vents then.
  11. Protection for the lamps from falling coal out of the bunker.
  12. Any chance of a photo or two John @Dunsignalling as mine not arriving till after the bank holiday.
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