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Coming to the end of this build



I do dislike waiting for paint to dry, but it's a basic essential.


As of this morning I have 4 wagons, all with some paint too damp and sticky to handle.

At least I've made the decision on what the final V16 livery will be. No not BR unfitted

grey, but GWR grey.

The clubs, and my V12 as well as the GWR V14 will all be liveried as 10 Ton. The BR bauxite V14 and that indecision V16

will be 12 Ton liveries, a result of up-rating.




It's at this point where a production line build starts to make sense. Initially all the same strikes as being over the top, but once

painted with subtly different shades and later with different livery decals it'll all be fine !



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They look good. I like the scenic bit of track too. Is it a fiddle stick or a display stand?

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Hi Mikkel,


It's a bit of both. Originally done to show differing colours and size of Woodland Scenic ballast, then to show two differing

types of cheap & easy to make fencing. From my early exhibition scenics workshops.

Now it's used to set all wagon couplings to the same height, just plonk it on the kitchen work-top. It's also the ideal small

photo plinth. Works as a temporary 'store' for unfinished projects of which I have too many for the available space.

Never wired to be live, but needs an unsightly blob of BlueTack at each end to stop stuff rolling off when moved with some

wagon on it ! An EVER so useful piece !!


And thanks forthe comment ess1uk.



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One almost ready for weathering.

16307 an unfitted V12 with louvre end vents. I still have to add the wagon numbers to the ends.

I also note some of the HMRS decal adhesive showing, particularly around the 'G', as indicated

all these markings are from the generic HMRS GWR Wagon sheet. Pressdown decals are fine and

easy enough to work with although a very different technique for anyone used to waterslide decals.

The dot in the tare weight needs a fine magnifying glass to work with !!






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With a real fear of over egging it I shall post pictures of all in the final general build state. Yes I do have detail work that

at my speed may take weeks, running into months to finish.

First one for the clubs layout, built back in November - I liked it so much I bought 4 more !!

V12, Fitted, Louvre shutter vents, laminated spring buffers, early large size GW markings, end number.




V12, Unfitted, No tie-bars, Louvre shutter vents, laminated spring buffers, later reduced size GW markings, end number.




V14, Fitted, Bonnet end vents, GWR Self Contained Buffers, Smaller GW side markings, No end numbers




V16, Unfitted, with Tie-Bars, Bonnet end vents, GWR self Contained Buffers, Post 1937 GW markings and weight revised up to 12 Ton.




V14, Fitted, Bonnet End Vents, GWR Self Contained Buffers, BR Bauxite, 12 Ton marking




All the same ?


I think I'll take a rest !!!




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