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Fen End Pit - fun in Kettering

Fen End Pit


Not much happened on the Stour Valley over the past couple of weeks as I slowly prepared for the East Anglia Model Railway show in Kettering. I was invited at comparatively short notice to fill in for another layout. Several of my usual crew weren't available but I was luckily able to persuade (press-gang) KH1 and Nawty Quay to come and help out to bolster the team. Thanks also due to John and Michael for their help too.


Over the period of a couple of weeks I was able to work through each baseboard and check things were working ok and I also took the time to finally complete the Ruston LAT which I began about 3 years ago! The LBT had been finished off way back when, but the LAT had sat taunting me with its unpainted plastic for several years! The chassis block was painted with a black and the body work with a mix of red (matt 60) with a touch of brick red (matt 70). I painted a rust and a primer layer and masked these before painting the top coat and then peeled back the masking to give the somewhat battered paint finish.




The 'after-market' exhaust was 3D printed, quite a lot of these locomotives were fitted with external exhausts as the original silencers rusted away or just to get the exhaust up and away from the driver. I also 3D printed some engine covers, complete with some rather nice louvers. It makes a nice contrast with the yellow LBT.




Entering revenue earning service at Fen End Pit the loco proved to be reliable and was a welcome addition to the roster. The rather laid back driver was a 3D print off the Thingiverse, I tried a white metal 'Perfect People' person but he was so heavy that the springs on the chassis bottomed out!




The layout worked well all weekend, very few issues and, with a crack team of operators (!) we seemed to entertain the crowd.




Thanks to the St Neot's club for the invitation and for putting on such a good show. The organization and venue were excellent and I would thoroughly recommend the event as both an exhibitor and visitor. Thanks again to the operating crew, I couldn't have done this without you, hope you enjoyed yourselves.



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Not only an impressive layout but the operators provided very clear explanations to all questions posed. It made for a very enjoyable layout viewing. Impressive! 

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