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GWR 70' Post Office Sorting Van - Step 3. Applying the Pigment.

Mick Bonwick


Very small amounts of pigment are placed, using the tip of the brush, into the panel edges to create a strong shadow effect. At first the effect will be too strong, but later work will reduce the contrast. Because the pigment will go everywhere if given the chance, the work area is being kept as clean as I can possibly make it. When working on the panels the vehicle is laid on its side, and if there is any excess pigment lying on the paper towel, it will transfer itself to the coach side when applying to the uppermost side. Guess how I know that.


The application is continued to fill in all edges and corners of all panels. It takes a while . . . . . 




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Good stuff Mick, is it sticking to the original paint surface ok?


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1 minute ago, Tony Teague said:


Did you apply a coat of Testors before you started on the pigments?




In this case, no. I am having to work on the original paint finish. Fortunately this has a good texture to it, so the pigments are adhering quite well.

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