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Teasel Bay


I have just recently joined RMWeb, so hello :bye:.  My layout has a presence on YMRC but not on here. Firstly can I just say how great all the other members and club layouts are on here, so many great ideas for inspiration.  All I can do is look in ore at your layouts!


I started constructing Teasel Bay over two years ago, but as a novice who is learning and experimenting as I go progress is slow. I am enjoying the process of building more than the aspect of trains, I don't really know much about real railways or workings. Teasel Bay is a rural branch line in a located on a mythical line on the coast between Norwich and Cambridge and operates in any period in which I currently run trains!


At the moment however, Teasel does not have any type of coast/bay. Hopefully that won't be too long off1250568325_IMG_0933(Large).JPG.0b5380df12f63a8088b09d49f1a65045.JPG213199714_IMG_0140(Large).JPG.60e6a4c7dab5e3084459ac2e8ff735df.JPG1290833064_IMG_2176(Large).jpg.e2981db50097fd943a095cebc85091fc.jpg469482406_IMG_2247(Large).jpg.247bffd5506a035841661028e0fc358d.jpg1502331453_IMG_2174(Large).jpg.000b3d17b0eaebe703b9c7e2cd2195c4.jpg!

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Welcome to RMweb :) I agree with Dave, nice scenic work.


The road in the background with the sheep on it looks particualrly convincing. Can I ask how you made the ground cover for that? 

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Thank you,


I used what I had around at the time, the base is polly filler which is sanded down reasonably smooth and then painted with a watered down pva/brown paint mix and then sifted ash from a BBQ I had a few days earlier which I thought looked good!



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