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Some shots in the dark.

Dave John


It was gloomy yesterday so I turned the layout lights on and tried running a few trains in the dark. Daft, but oddly fun.


Anyway, a few random pics of variable quality. The station in general, I need to lightproof the roof more next time it is off.












This is a lucky pic. I cant really see the from of the station building so its just done by point the camera at the mirror on the end of the layout and hoping. The resultant image is then reversed in preview.





Through a window. Atmospheric, a bit.... 



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Dave John

Posted (edited)

Hi MacDuff, 


The backscene is a photo collage made up from many hundreds of my own photos. 


This , and the subsequent few blogs describes the process;



As far as I know none of the backscene suppliers do a row of tenements, the big job is backdating it all to the Edwardian era. 



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Since I posted my first message about this, I have had contact from another contributor to this thread re planned production of a set? of components from which one can assemble a fairly realistic Glasgow (or, dare I say it Edinburgh) etc. tenement block. Just as I am composing this reply too, I remembered a layout featured on RM Web some years ago now, which caught my eye and I really quite liked, and which featured a scratch-built backscene which I thought fairly authentic. The tenement backing was hardboard, if I remember rightly, laminated with embossed Plastikard. The layout was called Baltic Street, and based on a Leith location. I have tried to view it again on other occasions since, but the last few times I did, the photos had all been blanked. Shame, they were quite atmospheric, including a few night shots with illuminated buildings. Sound familiar?   














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I don't recall seeing that layout MacDuff999. If you have sufficient layout depth a 3d low relief backscene would be best. I thought about it at the time but I was limited by the geometry of room and my desire to make the long curve over the viaduct as generous as possible and the need to have the tunnel through the wall where it is. 


Mind you, search as hard as you like you never hear a modeller complaining that the railway room is just that bit too big . 

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That's unfortunate Dave although, as I said, the photos had been taken out last time I looked. I have a baseboard depth, front to back, of 22ins., although track area will likely be about 18ins. , leaving me a few inches for backscene. The layout is along the length of the garage wall. which is just short of 19ft., but ideally I could still do with another couple of feet or so!   














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