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SE&CR E1 class - brakes

Barry Ten


In possibly the least exciting blog update ever published on RMweb, I've added some brakes to the E1.





There weren't any with the kit so I selected some more or less suitable ones from a Mainly Trains etch

of Southern brake gear types. These are supposedly LBSC tender brakes but they look about right

based on photos, having a curve to them. Railwells saw me coming back with some nice brass clack

valves, as well as a copy of David Maidment's book on Maunsell 4-4-0s, which will help with figuring

out the placement of pipes and so on, especially on the fiddly side. Onward and upward!

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Al,  I know the SR were proud of their corporate image. But Olive Green grass is perhaps a bit over the top :jester:

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Yes, there's definitely something a bit psychedelic going on with that grass!

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I think you are nowhere near the "least exciting blog update ever published on RMweb,"  I know only too well that adding all those final details can take more time and effort that building the rest of the model.  My work table is littered with unfinished models, mostly without couplings but much else missing as well. 


I feel it's the blue-green that looks a bit strange in your grass - Perhaps it's just suffering from the lighting when you took the photo?

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No, it is blue green! I mixed up some acrylic paint to try to tone down the long grass in the field behind the loco, which didn't work very well, and in the process dropped some of it on the foreground. and then tried to blend it in. It was a poor choice of colour to begin with, far too blue in tone.  That whole embankment begs to be retreated.


Fittingly, perhaps, the lighting tube just over this bit died this morning, so no more shots of this area until a replacement arrives.

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