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CR 29 class, a conversion, part 1

Dave John


Many years ago I made a CR 782 class from the SE finecast kit. There are some pictures of in in service in some earlier blog posts. The basic whitemetal body was fine, pretty accurate and it went together well. It was getting to look very tired, needed a repaint and some details were the worse for knocks and being stuck back badly.


I was never entirely happy with the chassis. Centre axle drive, semi rigid with slightly rocking outer axles. Never picked up really well, too highly geared and the motor filled the cab. Hmm.


However the most obvious fault is that it is the wrong loco.


A bit of history. The 9 members of the 29 class date from 1895 and were fitted with condensing apparatus for working the Glasgow central lines. The same basic design was used for the later 120 members of the 782 class built between 1898 and 1913. So for where I’m based the 29 class is a bit more appropriate.


Right, it was 782 class No. 245 and now its going to be 29 class No. 203.


Chassis built up. AGW frames and wheels re used. Rear axle driven from a high level gearbox and extender with a mitsumi motor. Compensated with high level hornblocks which I thought were a very clever fold up design. Having a silhouette makes cutting balance weights a doddle.







The body ready for quite a lot of filling and a spot of primer. Backdating to a 29 class mainly involves extra pipework, a westinghouse pump, air tanks and different footsteps.





Paint shop next.

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Looks good Dave, what did you use to clean off the old paint? 


Locos with condensing apparatus always add to the big city feel.

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Thanks Dave.  I've never tried the brake fluid method but it sounds and looks effective. 

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