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Locos from over the Atlantic Ocean at Castle Rock railway

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Castle Rock has a very wide selection of locomotives and rolling stock from across the British isles, ranging from a Southern E4 to an LMS Black 5. There’s even a BR 52 taken from Germany in WW2.

Riverside Works is home to most of these locomotives, keeping them safe and in running order. 
Recently two American locomotives arrived at the works as a gift from a heritage railway in America, in which the Riverside Works does a lot of boiler work and parts creation for. 
These two locomotives are an operating 0-6-0 switcher steam locomotive (I always see them as being a tender version of the USA class dock tank, since I can never remember the real name) and an F-unit diesel, which was recently overhauled.

A third F-unit was gifted too, this time from an enthusiast who saved it from scrap and had it sent over to Britain. However, this diesel is very run down and would require a lot of work done to it before it could move under it’s own power, therefore the Works has decided that it either will be restored cosmetically as a static exhibit in the main hall of the attached museum ,which would take a week or so, or fully restored with new parts and will top-and-tail with the other unit, which would take longer to do.



Along with these locomotives, 4029 was moved over to the Riverside Works. The Works had purchased it from being cut up from an anonymous seller who sold it for a lot less than it was worth, given that this is the ninth Big Boy 4-8-8-4 locomotive in the world. By its condition, it had been left in the open for decades and has many plants growing from inside of it. As not to spoil Big Boy 4014’s spotlight, the Works will not be restoring this loco to operation. It will be stored in Workshop ‘C’ until an agreement on what to do with it is made. The locomotive isn’t too heavy for the Works’ tracks but it’s best not to risk it.



(this is alternate history. 4029 was scrapped years ago)

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