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A Bird for Brent pt2

The Fatadder


Onto phase 2: Structural repairs.


The first task was to resolder the right hand frame back into position.  Even with a 6mm 50w iron set to high temp it was hard to transfer heat to the thick footplate.


next was the buffer beam, unfortunately I seem to have used the spare which was in my scrap box (which would have given the rivet detail), so had to keep the one from the model.  This showed signs of previous damage, with the bufferbeam glued back in place.  After stripping it down (and removing the tapered buffers) it was soldered back into place.  The rivet details will need to be added with transfers.  As such I haven’t fitted the new (parallel) buffers yet, as it will be a lot easier to add the rivets without the obstruction. 


The can roof edge was resoldered into position and the smokebox door was tidied up (removing the moulded on door handle and drilling for a brass replacement.   I still need to drill holes for the steam lance and upper lamp iron. 


Next up were the steps, with the forward steps missing completely along with the lower rear step.   This left a decision, replace them all with something more prototypical (with the U shape) or replace the missing parts in the style of the model.  In the end I went with the latter, fabricating from offcuts of etch and soldering in place.  

The final job for today was to sort Out the cab sides.  The missing beading around the edges of the cab cut out was formed from more etch off cut (curved to shape) before soldering in place.  This was followed by adding the rear handrails from some scrap wire.



So now the loco body is starting to come together.  

It still needs:

-Firebox detailing (adding mud doors and drilling / fitting the boiler washout plugs)

-Refitting they handrails, I have looked inside the mode and there is no way I am going to manage to un solder the posts from the existing arrangement without risking the boiler seems.  So I will resolder the handrail in place once the firebox is detailed 

-Add top lamp Iron / steam lands / smokebox dart

add rivets to smokebox and bufferbeam. 
ideally I would like a new bogie, but the chances of finding a surplus Finney etch are pretty slim.  Maybe a Bachmann Dukedog part might do?


The tender needs less work:

- fabricate one rear corners missing steps,

-reattach a loose front step

-rebuild the chassis with 2mm top hat bearings to improve running


Then  its ready for paint (though that’s likley a job for the new year).  


the key blocker is sourcing the best option for the mud doors and boiler washout plugs...


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