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Hunslet 22hp 4wDM kit - some available!



Models available!


In very limited numbers, mind. This is a bit of an experiment, to see what people's appetite for 3D printed kits is like - I'm quite nervous about it! I have a couple of kits for the Hunslet 4wDM 'Courage' available, for the princely sum of £25. This gets you a set of prints (body, chassis, roof and exhaust), to which you can then add wheels, a motor, gears, pickups, coupling hooks, plastic strip and handrail wire to make a working model (the cost of the additional bits is around £35-40 depending on what specification you'd like). Links to where the other parts can be bought will be sent out with the prints.


The prints may need some light surface preparation, depending how much of a perfectionist you are  - the model in the photos and videos below has had very little surface prep, mainly on the roof. 3D printing is not perfect - you will need to do some trimming and fettling, just like you would with any brass or whitemetal kit. Performance is not the best at slow speed (see video below), but for a model of its size and (lack of) weight, there's nothing else like it IMHO. Alternatively, you could build it unmotorised and use a powered wagon or similar. Please drop me a message at [email protected] if you would like one. If they all go, I can print more, so don't worry if you miss out!


The Prototype


The loco itself was built in 1935 and is (supposedly) the smallest UK standard gauge diesel. It uses a 22hp engine and several similar locos were built for light duties, the most famous being 'Courage' which worked the Courage brewery and is now preserved at the Middleton Railway, Leeds. Testing video and build video linked below (apologies in advance, I'm really not a TV presenter!).


Raw prints (i.e. you get one of each of these parts in the kit):




Finished model:




Running video: 



Build video:



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