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Cheddar P4 - November 2019 update



So this is where I’ve got to. The main building carcass is assembled and skinned with embossed ABS. All of the plinths are in where I’m sure of the ground levels, with a couple to complete where the ground falls away and the plinths deepen accordingly. Mindful that I’m taking a couple of boards to the EM Gauge Society AGM and skills day in Cardiff on Saturday, I’ve built a transport box which the building will live in once it’s finished. I’ve built the gents WC which was located in the north west corner. I had to add a degree of internal detailing although it’ll never be visible to the public.

if you fancy a good day out, I can recommend the skills day. Plenty of knowledgeable modellers (and me to average things out), 3 layouts and a good trade representation. Do come and say hello if you’re in the area.











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Thanks for the plug Andrew. There's more information about next Saturday's EMGS Modelling Workshop (including EMGS AGM 2019) here: 




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