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A Bird for Brent Pt6

The Fatadder


I spent Sunday demonstrating some modern image modelling on the DEMU stand at Warley building some EMUs, I did manage to purchase the majority of what was required to enable me to finish the Bulldog.


So last night it was time to make a start.

The first area was the firebox, I didn’t have the right brass tube thickness to scratch build the washout plugs for the other side of the loco (wall thickness was too thick).  Given it was cheaper than buying more tube, I ended up sourcing the Gibson turnings instead.  The plan was to drill and fit them, but after wasting my first hour searching for a box containing the handrails / nameplates I was too late to use the drill!  That is now delayed until tonight…

The next job was to add the mud door covers, I searched for a suitable component at Warley but the Gibson product is a different design and the ex Finney part is not sold separately (I did ask at Brassmasters as I need some for a Finney 2251, but due to manufacturing issues they are not available outside of new kits).  However I have found a solution, starting with some MJT BR domed roof vents I filed off the raised lip from the top and then reprofiled to a suitable shape.  A curved channel was filed onto the underside and the castings were glued into position on the firebox.



The final area of work needed on the firebox is with the reverser cover, the casting for which must have fallen off when I was stripping the paint and has since disappeared.  After looking at photos I have scratch built a replacement part, which will be glued into position once the washout plugs are finished.


Moving on, the next area of work was to add a missing hand rail to the foot plate above the forward steps.   Holes have been drilled, ready for the new handrail to be added tonight.


The final area of work was around the smokebox, after preparing a Jackson Evans superheater oil cover I spotted that the chimney was located too far back.  This had to be unsoldered and then repositioned about 5mm forward.  With the chimney corrected the casting for the superheater cover could be glued into position.  After which attention could turn to the smokebox front, adding a Gibson smokebox door dart and steam lance.



Tonight’s work:

Add the missing washout plugs to the RH firebox side and boiler top.

Solder up and add the side handrails

Reattach the main boiler handrail

Wash / Etch Prime

Once the above is dry, I have a sheet of Archer’s rivet  transfers to add the missing rivet detail to the smokebox, after which it can get another coat of primer and will be ready for paint.

Of course this means that I need to decide what colour it will be, green or black…

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