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Finney 2251 part 4

The Fatadder


Another evening’s work and 2213 takes another step closer to the paintshop.


White metal castings have been added for the superheater oil cover and two plates at the bottom of the firebox, the top feed pipework was formed and soldered into place and the mud door covers have been soldered into position.  Finally the smokebox door dart was glued into place, and a start was made on boring out the chimney.   I also formed the etching for the whistle shield, although I have not quite worked out how it attaches to the top of the firebox.  


Dealing with the castings is a little trickier than I would prefer, with a Malcolm Mitchell kit you get a handy diagram labelling where everything should go.  With this Finney kit the backhead has a labelled drawing, but not the body so you are left trying to work out most of it from photos. 


Still to do:

Solder on steps

Solder up support bracket and add the reverser

Solder cab seats / fit 

Add missing overlay to buffer beam (steam heat pipe mount)

Solder on steam pipe / vacuum pipe

Glue castings on to backhead / paint 

Glue overlay strips on to inside of cab (it should have been soldered but I missed it off, soldering now risks the handrails / roof).

Fit whistles / whistle shied + the small casting that sits behind it.

Add any remaining castings to cab interior (although this may wait until after painting)

Tidy up any remaining solder mess.


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